Vlog: A summer day in London

(Mostly) free museums, markets & more!

School is out and summer is at its peak, but the experience of learning new things doesn't have to be confined to the academic year. For a lot of us, it's the learning that takes place beyond the classroom that's the most fun.

The summer break can be the best time to pursue all your interests, hobbies and areas of curiosity without some of the usual constraints and pressures we face in the academic year.

Whether you're working to save up money, getting some well-deserved rest, building your CV with work experience or spending time with your family, why not dedicate some time this summer to pursuing your interests and curiosity?

It doesn't have to be anything super extravagant. You could:

  • Set yourself a reading challenge: finish a book you've been putting off for months, or try listening to it on Audible.

  • Take an online course with Skillshare or Udemy

  • Binge-listen to your favourite podcast, and discover new ones

  • Click the "random article" link on Wikipedia. Proceed to fall down the rabbit hole

  • Take a trip somewhere a little out of your comfort zone

  • Immerse yourself in a creative project

I love visiting new places, experiencing new environments and finding new favourites. So I combined this with one of my favourite creative projects: creating videos!

In the vlog at the start of this post, I share the day spent in London exploring the British Museum, Museum of London, Royal Observatory and Greenwich Market. The day was filled with lots of learning at some of the best free visits in the City.

Creating the vlog itself was another learning opportunity because I had to learn to use a new video editor. I had so much fun with this vlog, and it's so satisfying to share it with you because I feel like I have something to show for everything I learnt.

I hope you enjoy the vlog and are inspired to learn something new this summer!